The football ball is the centerpiece of the most popular game in the world, grabbing attention of billions of football fans at the world's stadiums and in front of TV screens.

We have created the first and only museum in the world featuring footballs from all major tournaments and providing platform for communication for football fans around the globe, transcending borders between nations and clubs.

The museum exists off-line, on-line, and as the world's first museum in the Metaverse. Each ball from our collection can not only be viewed, but also touched in 3D and placed anywhere you wish in augmented reality.

About Museum

We aim to tell the history of football through the evolution of the ball. From the Middle Ages to the present day, our Museum features balls from the World Cup, the Champions League, European Championships, the Olympic Games, and the National Championships of all continents of the world.

Each ball not only embodies the latest technical developments of its time, but is also a work of art, crafted by famous brands, best artists and designers.

We are the world's first international public museum of footballs and we will be happy to feature your footballs in our museum. Each new item in our museum is a new story and a new declaration of our passion to football!